Computer Program – Dynamic Memory Allocation, Functions, and Arrays
This computer program was created to display a summary screen of
students’ grades in specific classes given a text file. This project was
created to enhance my understanding of file input and output, structures,
dynamic memory allocation, functions, and arrays.


Database Concepts – Table Relationships

  This is an image of an assignment I did in a database course. This course taught me a significant amount about entity relationships and the importance of primary keys/foreign keys.
Information Security Paper

This academic paper was a collaborative project between myself and four other peers in which we examined the vulnerabilities of an Apache web server utilizing a LAMP stack. We conducted a cross-site scripting attack in a controlled computer environment and explained various methods on how to prevent these types of attacks among others.
Project Management Paper

 This paper was also a peer project. We, as a team planned a hackathon for FSU students from start to finish during the semester. This project had numerous challenges including planning. This assignment taught me a lot about how to work in a team environment and how much time and effort it takes to complete a project.