Apple Inc., Tallahassee, FL
Technical Support Advisor
January 2016-May 2016
*Performed diagnostic tests on customer iOS devices to verify software and hardware functionality.
*Supported and advised customers with troubleshooting their iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods) experiencing unexpected technical issues.
*Verified customer credentials and accounts utilizing an active directory database support system.
1)Solving technical issues in a timely manner.
2)Providing adequate solutions without compromising data loss for customers.

Technical Skills:
1)Basic networking and troubleshooting experience
2)Basic knowledge of database concepts such as data and referential integrity
3)Experience with active directory software
Transferable Skills:
1)Ability to clearly communicate with customers
2)Ability to work in a collaborative/teamwork setting
3)Process technical problems in a critical manner and thinking “outside the box”

As an associate at Apple, I had the unique opportunity to work for a company that encompassed both technical and non-technical aspects which provided me with valuable experience. During my time, I learned that although technical skills are valued, transferable skills such as clear communication and teamwork are far more important in an organizational environment.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Tallahassee, FL
Team Member
April 2015-December 2015
*Created smoothies and sandwiches while providing a distinguished customer experience
*Performed transactions using a cash register
1)Inconsistent hours of operation
2)Communication between management and team members

Technical Skills:
1)Experience with POS cash register systems

Transferable Skills:
1)Communication between team members and management
2)Networking with customers and management
3)Building efficiency between team members

My time as a team member at Tropical Smoothie Cafe provided me valuable experience with developing my non-technical skills and really helped me in both my professional and personal life with interacting with people.

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Intern, Sports Information Department
August 2014-December 2014
*Organized files and documents
*Runner of stat sheets to locker rooms during days of football games
*Operated scoreboards for Florida State University football and women’s soccer teams
1)Creating and organizing stat sheets/files in a timely manner for management

Technical Skills:
1)Basic computing skills to operate scoreboards

Transferable Skills:
1)Clear communication between team members and management
2)Working in a collaborative environment towards a common goal

As an intern for the Florida State University Information Department, I was exposed to an environment in which I had to adapt quickly as circumstances were always changing. This taught me how important it is to be flexible as a team member in a large organization.

Pinch a Penny Inc., Spring Hill, FL
Seasonal Associate
May 2013-August 2014
*Provided service to customers relating to the maintenance of their pool and spa
*Advised customers on appropriate products to properly maintain their pool and spa
*Operated a POS cash register and tested water samples utilizing pool and spa testing computer software

1)Providing customers with the correct supplies/chemicals to maintain their pools

Technical Skills:
1)Basic computing knowledge to test chemical levels in pool and spa water
2)Experience with POS cash register systems

Transferable Skills:
1)Problem solving/critically think about possible solutions to customer issues
2)Communicate with customers in an efficient manner to explain/understand problems
3)Ability to work in a team environment

As a seasonal associate at Pinch a Penny, I learned how important it is to listen to other people and their perspectives on issues in order to provide a solution for their problem(s) and critically think/process an entire problem to provide an adequate solution to the customer.